Julian Nagelsman showed respect for Manchester United

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Julian Nagelsman showed respect for Manchester United

Manchester United and RB Leipzig will play one of the most interesting matches of the second round of the Champions League tonight, and the young coach of the Bulls, Julian Nagelsman, revealed in an address to the media upon his arrival in England that his current colleague Ole Gunnar Solskjer saddened him 20 years ago.

Nagelsman was only 11 years old when Manchester United and Bayern Munich found themselves in the Champions League final in 1999. Everyone remembers well that match and the incredible turnaround of the English, who reached the title of European champions with two goals in the referee's compensation.

That second, decisive goal, was the work of Solskjaer, and Nagelsman remembered him well since he was a big fan of the Bavarian giant. "The first thing I will do tomorrow will be to slip on Solskjaer," joked the young expert.

"I wasn't the happiest person after that final in 1999. My father was cheering for Monchengladbach at the time and he was teasing me. It even started to annoy me seriously. He was happy that Bayern was losing, and I was very sad.

I can't. " "I will never forget that day. But of course, I will say goodbye to Ole. We will shake hands and after that, I will no longer be angry with him," Nagelsman commented with a smile. "Manchester? It's a club full of tradition.

I remember the team that played Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes, Rudd van Nistelrooy ... What players." Threatening The German expert then said a few words about the current United team and where the greatest danger threatens his guys ...

"It's hard to defend them, they have a lot of quality in the last third of the field. It won't be easy for us. But I can also say that my players are full of confidence, so much so that we go for the win. Yes, we want all three points, we want to beat the best teams "Six points from the first two rounds would mean that we are on the right path to the second phase of the competition," Nagelsman concluded.

Despite the fact that he has far more European successes, Manchester United was sent to last week's visit to Paris Saint-Germain as a team that will not be able to avoid defeat. However, the Devils showed the Saints that money does not always spin as much as tradition and they recorded a victory (2: 1) which meant many times to them - they won all three points.

That triumph washed away the bitterness of the humiliation they experienced at the beginning of October against Tottenham at home (6: 1).