Stefano Pioli on expectations before the match against Inter

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Stefano Pioli on expectations before the match against Inter
Stefano Pioli on expectations before the match against Inter (Provided by Sport World News)

Stefano Pioli is cautious ahead of the match against Inter. In truth, few expected these two teams to be playing in the semi-finals, but both of them have been excellent throughout the Champions League stage and only one team will make it to the final.

“It’s true that it will be the fourth match this year, we will play five, but these are different matches. You can’t take so much cue from previous derbies, the ones we did well and the ones we did badly, also because we know very well that we went through a moment when unfortunately we were not so precise,” Pioli said, as quoted by

Stefano Pioli and his expectations

Pioli is a huge optimist and expects great things from his team.

The Italian prepared a great tactic against Inter, and we have no doubt that his team will really do what is expected of them. “Now we are certainly ready to play such a high-level match. Then for the tactical keys it’s obvious that we have our plan, our strategy of how we want to build, how we want to attack, how we want to defend.

Then there are the opponents who will force us to make the choices on the pitch”. Twenty years have passed since the last duel between these two teams in the Champions League. “Twenty years have passed, so a lot has changed in 20 years.

Above all the players and the personalities of the players have changed, so it’s fair to know that Paolo (Maldini) and his team-mates have lived through those moments but it’s also true that we have our own way, a different approach.

How can we hide the importance of this match? We face it with great motivation, with enthusiasm and with the right serenity of those who know that they are doing well and will do everything to do the best they can,” Pioli said.

Stefano Pioli