Man City Aiming for Redemption in Rematch Against Real Madrid

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Man City Aiming for Redemption in Rematch Against Real Madrid
Man City Aiming for Redemption in Rematch Against Real Madrid (Provided by Sport World News)

Manchester City's head coach, Pep Guardiola, held a press conference ahead of tonight's crucial Champions League semi-final first leg against Real Madrid. At the conference, Guardiola shared his aspirations to reach the final with the English club for the second time.

Last Season's Defeat to Real Madrid: A Lesson Learned

Unfortunately, last season City's journey in the competition was cut short by the same opponent, Real Madrid, who ultimately won the double match with a total score of 6-5.

Despite the defeat, Guardiola remains positive, saying, "It was tough but we made an exceptional first game in Manchester and played a really good game here. In general, it was a good performance, but it was not enough. You congratulate them and accept it, and now one year later we are here." Guardiola further added, "We are not here for revenge.

It is another opportunity. One day we will get it. We will get to the final and win it. It didn't happen last season as we played Real Madrid and in this competition, they know exactly what they have to do."

Staying Stable and Improving Every Year

The City manager also spoke about the importance of stability, saying, "Being stable is the most important thing.

The important thing is that we are trying to get better every year." He added, "We were prepared last year too. We are the same manager, mainly the same players, but completely different games. The difference is the second leg is at home, and everything will be decided in Manchester."

Revenge on Mind for Midfielder Rodri

On the other hand, midfielder Rodri admitted that revenge was on his mind.

The Spain midfielder said, "Football gives you the option to have revenge. We have the philosophy that you can always learn from past experiences. We did a great two games, but football is like this, and we didn't go through.

We will fight again. We will try to learn from what we did badly in that moment." Manchester City is eager to make up for last season's defeat and reach the final of the prestigious Champions League. With Guardiola leading the team and players determined to make their mark, the semi-final against Real Madrid promises to be an exciting match.

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