Frank Lampard on fans booing Hakim Ziyech and Raheem Sterling


Frank Lampard on fans booing Hakim Ziyech and Raheem Sterling

Chelsea managed to win after a long time, and they showed their quality against Bournemouth. Frank Lampard's team won 1-3. However, what remained striking is the fact that the fans booed Hakim Ziyech and Raheem Sterling. Frank Lampard reacted to such a thing at the press conference after the match.

However, he didn't talk too much about it, as he focused on other things. ‘Our fans were fantastic today, so I personally appreciate their support. We had a moment at that end of the pitch where everyone feels good for a day, I think that’s important for the players and the fans.

In terms of the subs themselves, I think all of the subs we made had an impact. In terms of Ruben and Raheem coming on a bit earlier, I think Ruben gave us a bit of physical presence and calmness on the ball and Raheem, as you say, was involved in the goal.

Azpi came on and gave us leadership. Hakim came on and gave us an assist and played really well. I think the opinion can always change in a period.' - Lampard said, as quoted by METRO.

Frank Lampard on Sterling and Ziyech

Frank Lampard is lucky to have such two great players on the team.

However, their form cannot please the fans of the London team, considering that both are in total decline this season. Lampard has no doubts that the moment will come when they will show their full glory. The fans are getting impatient.

‘They’re two players, Hakim and Raheem, that want to do well as football players and they have big talent both of them. If it’s form, it’s very much temporary and I think their class is permanent and I’m pleased for them today having an impact when they came on.’ Chelsea has nothing to fight for this season and they can only hope that the next one can be better.

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