Jurgen Klopp believes that there are now much more important things than football

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Jurgen Klopp believes that there are now much more important things than football

Before the duel with Mittyland, the first European match at Anfield on March 11, Jurgen Klopp spoke at the press conference about the additional responsibility that the whole team feels in the conditions in which everything takes place.

"We are all aware of the expression 'famous European evening' which, in addition to the name of our stadium, is associated with great European matches. I had a good fortune, like most players, to write my own stories below that phrase.

I think I am right when I say that this is the first time that Anfield will be empty for a game like this, "said Klopp. "I can't and I don't want to claim that we can have the same feeling when the stands are empty.

What I can say is that we will try to use the energy that Anfield carries in itself for this match as well. As a team, we are entering this duel with "We can be here and have the opportunity to play. We must not ignore the fact that it is a privilege in these conditions in which the whole city and the whole country, the whole of Europe and the whole world," the German added.

"Everyone in the club is aware that our city is suffering. Of course, people know much better than us how and how everything works, but even without that knowledge, we know first hand that they are lonely and most vulnerable, isolated, that lives are on someone a kind of break, that salaries have been reduced, that jobs have been destroyed.

We know that in our city, people are suffering without a shred of guilt, "Klopp continued.

Pandemic and football

How important is football today? At the time of the pandemic, football was irrelevant to many, and Klopp spoke out about it "Before the match with Everton, they asked me if football could help people.

I really don't have a good answer to that question. I think I'm in a situation where I've lost my job, I'm struggling to pay my bills, I can't feed my family. I spend time with a relative who is having a hard time, that I can't see the people I love."

" I don't think any football match would help me feel better then, maybe I would, but we have to be aware that people have real problems. What I do know is that in these circumstances, when we play, we have an even greater responsibility in terms of whether football can help.

" "There are a lot of our fans who have lost their jobs. There are also a lot of those, like heroes who work in hospitals and similar institutions, who are at great risk every day because they do their job and help us.

Empty Anfield at the game is not what we are we like it or what we want. But that's the way it has to be. We have the privilege to play and we have to show understanding about it through commitment on the field, "Klopp concluded.