FC Barcelona complained about the use of VAR in the match with Real Madrid

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FC Barcelona complained about the use of VAR in the match with Real Madrid

Barcelona has officially asked the Spanish Football Federation to take measures due to the use of VAR in the Primera and after the "farce" and the decisions made in favor of Real Madrid in the last El Clásico.

Real won in Barcelona 3: 1, and the Catalans believe that the referee gave a penalty to Madrid with the result 1: 1. As expected, the reaction of the Barcelona management came immediately, which could not bear the defeat in such a big derby, especially if we take into account the way in which it came about.

"The board wants to reiterate its confidence in the VAR as a technology that helps judges in their work, but at the same time expresses absolute disagreement with the criteria used for its application and interpretation in recent months," the club said in a statement issued Monday.

The following reads: "The Board considers that, in cases of identical or very similar situations, the VAR did not support the essential criteria of ethics and fairness, which had a serious negative impact on Barcelona and benefited its most direct rivals.

It is public knowledge that other La Liga clubs have made public statements about the same question. That is why Barcelona calls on the Spanish Football Federation to take urgent measures, in cooperation with La Liga clubs, if it deems it necessary, in order to unify the criteria of interpretation and application and end the situation that damages the image and credibility of what we consider the best league in the world.

" leader of Barcelona.

Complaints about VAR

The Spanish media are wondering what the reaction will be from Madrid? Will Real's answer follow? They didn't just protest in the Spanish championship because of the use of VAR.

Complaints about VAR come from all countries of the world who believe that VAR kills the beauty of football and that football is a game that is unnecessarily improved in such ways. It is true, we must admit, that the VAR has made many mistakes this season, more precisely the referees who follow the VAR.

Certain situations were indeed questionable and it was difficult to decide whether the judges had made the right decision. Now it has come that big teams are dropping out because of VAR and thus there is a possibility that VAR will not dominate the world for a long time.

In any case, in certain situations, the VAR really helped and resolved doubts, but there were also situations in which there were mistakes that damaged the opposing team. Whether VAR will continue to exist remains to be seen