Jose Mourinho after Monza: This is the worst referee ever


Jose Mourinho after Monza: This is the worst referee ever
Jose Mourinho after Monza: This is the worst referee ever

Jose Mourinho was angry after his team's draw (AS Roma) vs Monza (1:1). Mourinho was particularly angry with the referee who made many mistakes in this match. In fact, the Portuguese went so far as to call this referee "the worst ever".

Daniele Chiffi (referee) gave a red card to Roma's right back, Zeki Celik, but he also had several controversial decisions. 'This was the worst referee I have encountered in my entire career,’ Mourinho said as quoted by METRO.

‘Believe me, I have dealt with many bad referees. Usually, when I talk about referees, it is because they have a direct influence on the game. In this case, I don’t think that is true. But he is horrible, he makes no human connection with anyone, he has no empathy, he gives a red card to a player who slips because he is exhausted in the 96th minute.’

Raffaele Palladino on the referee

Monza boss Raffaele Palladino was also disappointed with the referee.

Palladino received a yellow card, and he knew he was close to a red card. Precisely for this reason, he did not want to communicate much and give advice to the players. Palladino emphasized how "powerless" he was in those moments.

‘We do not have the strength of other clubs who can say we don’t want this referee,’ Palladino said. ‘I stopped working 20-30 minutes from the end, because I knew he would give me a red card for anything.

There are clubs that say I don’t want this referee… With the few players I have in my squad, I could not get a red card. I really, badly wanted to say something, but I could not afford to be without my lads. This is why I left the field early, I didn’t even want to look at him.’

Jose Mourinho

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