Rafaela Pimenta: "Erling Haaland is worth a billion!

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Rafaela Pimenta: "Erling Haaland is worth a billion!
Rafaela Pimenta: "Erling Haaland is worth a billion! (Provided by Sport World News)

Rafaela Pimenta come back to talk about many issues. The lawyer has inherited the legacy of super soccer prosecutor Mino Raiola, and she manages player like Erling Haaland and Paul Pogba. About Erling Haaland and Paul Pogba, she said: "Haaland? I'm not telling you how much it costs, but how much it's worth.

He will be the first soccer player to be worth a billion. Think of the related industries he generates, at just 22: trophies, sponsors, marketing, social, content. How much can he bring to a club? Not only in the so-called real world, but also in the digital world.

He will be the first champion of the metaverse. The future is there. He has everything: strength, humility. But his true strength is normality. His secret is his family: his father, a former footballer, helped him a lot. He will break all records.

The clause to say goodbye to the city? Good ladies know how to keep quiet." Pogba? Paul is like a nephew, indeed a son. We argue, then we make up. Golden Boy. He is very sorry for this season at Juve: he had arrived as happy as a child, returning was a dream for him.

Unfortunately things didn't go the way he wanted, but now he's optimistic because his physical shape is finally improving. He has to move on, he has a lot to give to Juventus."

Rafaela on her shocking moments

Rafael also talked about shocking moments.

She told: "I go back to the office in Montecarlo the day after Mino Raiola's funeral, and I find five agents sitting in front of my desk. We are here to do you a favor, they tell me. They want not only the players' powers of attorney, but also the whole company, the One.

They look at the map of the world on the wall behind my chair, with pictures of our boys, like a treasure map. One minute and all five of them are out the door. It's actually right there that I understood that I had to go on.

Mino went to school, he was a revolutionary, he changed the way of being an agent, putting the player at the center. The last thing he said to me was: be happy. He told me taught to give my best at work, but never take myself too seriously.

I'm trying to continue his work, in his spirit. We worked together for 27 years. We were different, a crazy couple, but aligned." The she added: "I have been insulted many times. Many think that women are inferior: some use it as a strategy, others really think so.

Once in Italy an executive said to me: Are you really a lawyer? I thought you were a Brazilian prostitute. I replied: Even if I were, you would still have to pay the premium to my client. This happened a few years ago. Luckily today things are improving."

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