La Liga President Discusses Barcelona's Path to Sign Messi


La Liga President Discusses Barcelona's Path to Sign Messi

The president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, recently spoke about the possibility of Lionel Messi returning to his former club, Barcelona. He discussed the challenges that the Catalan club will face in registering the Argentine superstar, given their current financial situation.

A Complicated Task Ahead

As Tebas stated, the task of bringing Messi back to Barcelona will not be an easy one. The club is facing financial difficulties, which was one of the reasons why Messi left in the first place. "As of today, I see it as complicated," Tebas told RMC's After Foot. "There is still time, but there will have to be departures of players and a decrease in the wage bill.

There will have to be if they are to be able to register Messi." Messi's contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) runs until the end of the season, after which he will become a free agent and will have the option to choose a new club.

It is widely known that Messi desires to return to Barcelona and finish his career with the club. However, the biggest variable in this equation is the amount of salary that Messi will receive, and how Barcelona will cover these costs.

Reducing the Salary Mass

Tebas mentioned that the club will have to sell some players and decrease the salaries of existing players in order to accommodate Messi's salary. "Barca is not like PSG, which has a gas and money tap to have a large salary mass.

They have to reduce the salary mass to be able to sign up players. It's like the subway, let them out so they can get in. People still have to get out of the subway," he said.

The Unknown Variable: Messi's Salary

There is still much to be determined, including the exact salary that Messi will receive. "And then there is a piece of information which we don't know, the salary of Messi.

There are still many variables to understand," Tebas added. Last weekend, Messi and his family arrived in Barcelona from Paris with 15 suitcases. While he is in the Catalan city for a vacation with his wife and children, the focus remains on the potential return of the football star to his former club.

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