Paulo Dybala said to Cristiano Ronaldo: I practically hated you


Paulo Dybala said to Cristiano Ronaldo: I practically hated you

Paulo Dybala is an AS Roma player since this season. The Argentine left a special mark playing for Juventus. It looked like Dybala could become a legend of this team and win the Champions League with Juve. Even Cristiano Ronaldo arrived to help them.

Growing up in Argentina, Dybala loved Messi and he was his idol. That's why the story that Dybala told DAZN is particularly interesting: “I spent three nice years with Cristiano, the team was very strong and he added something more,” he said.

“There’s a big rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo in Argentina. Once, we were flying out for a game, I was sitting at the back of the plane and he was slightly ahead. At some point, he came to me, we spoke about life in general for a while, and I told him: ‘As a kid, I practically hated you.’ We laughed about it and we’ve always been on good terms”.

Dybala is happy at Roma and is playing great. He knew he had to accept the offer and seize the opportunity. “People are so pumped up here, it’s unique to hear them sing the anthem before kick-off. It’s like staring at a piece of art,” he said.

“When Pinto called us and this opportunity emerged, I thought about movies about Rome and the gladiator’s mask. I could not avoid thinking about it. I told myself I had to do something in this city”.

Jose Mourinho

We don't need to talk too much about Jose Mourinho.

His results and everything he has achieved in his career are something amazing. “He [Mourinho] has an important image and power for all he represents. He is very good when he speaks and when he wants to get inside somebody.

I’ve felt a special feeling, it’s hard to find someone who speaks sincerely. And almost everything he says happens on the pitch. After all, he’s won in almost every team he’s coached”.

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