Erik ten Hag on the match with Brighton and elimination in the Europa League


Erik ten Hag on the match with Brighton and elimination in the Europa League

Erik ten Hag is ready for the FA Cup semi-final match against Brighton. Many believe that the elimination from Sevilla in the quarter-finals will affect Manchester United, however, the Dutchman has a different opinion. It looks like we will see a different Manchester this time.

Erik ten Hag emphasized his dissatisfaction with his team's performance in Andalusia. "I was really mad,” Ten Hag said. “If you play a quarter-final in the Europa League you give everything and we didn’t. For any club, for any team, that is unacceptable.

As a manager I can’t accept that my team is not giving its best. I will never accept it. I make them [the players] aware what my feelings about the game were; that they didn’t match the standards [I expect]. I hope everyone sees that we have made progress [since the opening day of the season].

We are a different team now. And none of the team will always play at the highest level, but even if you don’t play the highest level you still have to win. That is what we have to learn: how to deal with setbacks in a game.

We have to carry on, we have to stick to the plan, we have to stick to the game and we have to keep the confidence. So yes, we have steps to go”. - he said, as quoted by

Player and injuries

The season is long and Manchester United has struggled on many fronts.

You could feel tiredness and exhaustion. Several players were injured and several were suspended in key parts of the season. However, the match with Brighton will be a real test and if they really want to reach the final, they will have to give their best.

“I’ve said before one of the things that we didn’t have is the opportunity so often to play the same team, in the midfield department but also other lines, because of injuries and suspensions,” he said.

“Also when you play a lot of games, and the load is getting higher, you need to rotate because you have to keep the players fit and fresh. But in this moment, when you play a semi-final, you only have one opportunity [to win], so you’re looking for the best team in that moment”.

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