Gabriel Jesus: A lot of things are going on now


Gabriel Jesus: A lot of things are going on now

Gabriel Jesus cannot be happy with the games after his return, considering that his team will probably lose the advantage over Manchester City and their title will be in doubt. After the successful match against Southampton, the Brazilian commented on the game of his team.

They are aware that the situation is not good at all. However, they must be optimistic in these important moments. "A lot of things are going on now. We don't want to come here and talk negatively because we are very positive, what we are doing this season is amazing.

The Premier League is tough.
Now is the difficult moment. It is time now to stick together until the end. We still have a lot of things to do this season, it is not over, we are still five points clear. Manchester City have two games in hand but if we want to be champions we have to go there to win the game - that is all.
We are the youngest team in the league, not making excuses.

Sometimes we do right and sometimes we do wrong, everyone can make mistakes that is why it is so important to stick together."- he said, as quoted by

Arsenal and Manchester City

However, this does not change the fact that Arsenal is still in the game for trophies and will not give up on their goals.

They know how difficult the task is in front of them. "Everything can happen. Obviously we are not happy with the last three games, we dropped points and we know this is true, no one has to tell us. We dropped a little bit of our level and focus, this is the Premier League, it is so difficult to win this competition.
We are still there, we are still fighting and we will fight until the end."
The next match with Manchester City could decide a lot of things. Does Arsenal have the strength to last until the end? It remains for us to see.

Gabriel Jesus