Mikel Arteta: Bukayo Saka is still the first option for penalties

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Mikel Arteta: Bukayo Saka is still the first option for penalties
Mikel Arteta: Bukayo Saka is still the first option for penalties (Provided by Sport World News)

Arsenal failed to win in the last match against West Ham and their goal of winning the title will be much more difficult now. Bukayo Saka was the tragic of the match after missing the penalty. Although many believe that Saka will no longer take penalties, Mikel Arteta denied such rumors.

"Yes. If not, I will go on the pitch and throw him the ball and make sure he will take the next one,” Arteta said, as quoted by eurosport.com Apparently, William Saliba will miss the next match as well. "With William we have to wait a little bit more.

He is not progressing as quickly as we had hoped,” Arteta said. The Spaniard emphasized that the club does not want to rush and make hasty moves. He also revealed the condition of Oleksandr Zinchenko's injury. “We have to be delicate.

We want to be very certain when we push him that he is ready to absorb the load. With the risk we would take at the moment that is not possible to do.
Probably next week we will have a little bit more certainty. He is not ready yet to throw him on the pitch and compete with the intensity demanded in this league.
We are not certain (about Zinchenko).

It is a muscular injury and he needs some time to heal. We are not there yet."

Manchester City

The Spaniard is aware that the team created a big problem for themselves in the match against West Ham. The real challenge will be the match with Manchester City, which could decide the title winner.

“The club hasn't fought for this position for a very long time. It is in our hands and we want to do it,” Arteta said.
"We maybe got too comfortable at some stage of the game [against West Ham]. The players know, they know in their gut, I don't have to coach them, they knew straight away.

We didn't have to talk about it, they know they have to be much more ruthless.
But nobody is talking about that now or what is going to happen next Wednesday. We just have to focus on what we have to do each day."

Mikel Arteta