Michael Owen: One of Chelsea's moves is the biggest mystery

“It’s one of the biggest mysteries of all time"- Owen said.

by Sead Dedovic
Michael Owen: One of Chelsea's moves is the biggest mystery

With tonight's relegation from the Champions League, Chelsea confirmed they are a team that currently does not have the quality for bigger goals. Although the new owner, Ted Boehly, invested huge money and hoped that his team would still be able to achieve success, it turned out to be totally different.

Even Frank Lampard's arrival on the bench did not change anything. Boehly invested huge money; During the summer and winter, he invested almost 600 million pounds. Michael Owen is one of the players who commented on the 'bizzare' moves of the club and its administration.

This once-great striker believes that Chelsea invested a huge amount of money and did not do the key thing. “It’s one of the biggest mysteries of all time – how can you spend £500m and hardly bring a player in who’s going to influence the goalscoring department?
They look so toothless in front of goal, they don’t look like scoring."-
he said, as quoted by eurosport.

Chelsea and Real Madrid

Even though Chelsea already lost 0:2 against Real Madrid, Owen commented on the lack of strikers before the game and emphasized that there is no player who can threaten Madrid's goal.

“[Manchester City striker] Erling Haaland has scored four or five more goals than the entire [Chelsea] team this season. It’s incredible for a team like Chelsea to not have someone who is banging them in on a regular basis.
But tonight it has to be different.

I don’t know where they’re going to come from, but they have to come from somewhere”. Rio Ferdinand agreed with everything Michael Owen had to say. “It’s a lack of confidence and that’s before Frank came in the door,” Ferdinand said.
“But also the transfer window and their recruitment, they bought wingers. They’ve got six or seven wingers in this squad and they haven’t got a number nine”.

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