Bartomeu will finally leave Barcelona?

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Bartomeu will finally leave Barcelona?

Josep Bartomeu suffers blow after blow and apparently can no longer stand on his feet. News that resonated through Catalonia: the Barcelona management scheduled an extraordinary press conference at 7 pm at the club's premises.

As the newspaper Sport finds out, there are great chances that President Bartomeu will announce his resignation. What happened in the last 48 hours, so that the first man of the club changed his mind? A no-confidence motion against the president of Barcelona is scheduled for November 1st and 2nd.

More than 20,000 socios, ie members of the club with the right to vote, signed the request for this election. In the end, 16,250 members of Barcelona will go to the polls. And it is quite certain that Bartomeu will fall. No one is trusting him anymore, the fans can't look at him with their eyes, they blame him for everything bad that has been happening at the Nou Camp in the last two or three years.

Bartomeu sent a latter

He tried to maneuver. He sent a letter to the Catalan government asking for a referendum to be postponed due to the galloping crown pandemic. The Barça management believes that it is unjustified from a health point of view and dangerous to hold elections now.

Especially since it has not yet been determined whether everyone will have to come to the Nou Camp to vote or will be able to do so in some other, decentralized way. However, the Catalan authorities rejected his request. Consequently, there is no room for maneuver.

Josep Bartomeu is aware that he is counting the last days in the position of the president of Barcelona, ​​and the only question is whether he will wait for the ballots to be counted on the evening of November 2, or he will pack and abdicate himself today, as announced by Sport.

Officially, Bartomeu's mandate lasts until March next year, when the presidential elections should be held. And maybe he would have welcomed him and all this would not have happened if he had not entered into a conflict with Leo Messi, who was, therefore, one step away from leaving the club.

That inflamed the fans, who protested in front of the stadium for days. The departure of the first man of the club, if no one else, will make the Messi happy. A new era of the Blaugrana is expected to begin then. Fans around the world will probably be happy with such a decision because his resignation has been long-awaited.

It was questionable whether Messi would stay because of him and whether he would bring the right players to his team at all. Now, if he leaves, it will be interesting to follow the policy of the new president of the club, who will certainly have to work hard to justify the trust of the fans.