Frank Lampard on Enzo Fernandez and contract extension


Frank Lampard on Enzo Fernandez and contract extension

Frank Lampard is the new interim manager of Chelsea. The former Chelsea player is expected to do great things. Rumors appeared that Enzo Fernandez has a clause in his contract that allows him to extend his contract until 2032.

Lampard revealed in an interview with the media if this is true. ‘I can’t confirm that, I don’t know actually, sorry about that,’ Lampard said talking about Fernandez. 'I’ve got enough on my plate really to be looking to dissect everyone’s contract at the club.

'- he said, as quoted by METRO. Lampard is happy to have such a player in his roster. Fernandez already showed at the World Cup that he is a serious player, and Chelsea did not want to save money when they decided to bring this young Argentine.

The only thing I can say is that from working with Enzo he has been a standout character and player for me in this last week in terms of his attitude and quality. Even though he’s only been here a short time I think he’s a fantastic player for this club going forward and exactly the sort of profile and type of player we’ve been talking about.

The contract stuff I’m not aware of.’

Brighton match

A serious match against Brighton awaits the Londoners already this weekend. This match could be important for them before the duel with Real Madrid. ‘They’ve had a fantastic model.

They’ve come up, stabilised their Premier League status and moved up over the past six or seven years. That is their path; Chelsea’s is a different one. This is a club that has been successful over a period of a long period of time.

We have to understand when you’re in a process and a project that you’ll have to dig in and not focus on too much opinion.’

Frank Lampard