Roy Keane: Arsenal should be delighted with the point


Roy Keane: Arsenal should be delighted with the point

Manchester United legend Roy Keane commented on the match between Liverpool and Arsenal, which ended with a score of 1:1. Both teams could have won, but Liverpool came close at the end of the match. This was an important match for both teams, especially for Arsenal, who are fighting for the title.

Now he will have a much more difficult road to the title. ‘Arsenal should be delighted with the point,’ said Keane, as quoted by really do. I know people will say look at the picture and that City are back in control of it but I think it was a great point for Arsenal.

I know they were two-nil up and you could say they were v v comfortable but in the last 15 minutes when you’re hanging in there, against Liverpool, in front of the Kop you’ve got to be grateful for what you get out of the place and that’s a point.

Be thankful for it.’

Jamir Carragher on Granit Xhaka

On the other hand, Xhaka's scuffle with Alexander-Arnold was the subject of Carragher's view of the match. Carragher believes that it had a big impact on the match, and that Granit made a big mistake that cost his team.

‘Even the challenge, the arm, why do it? And now coming back, head-to-head with Trent, riles the crowd up. Absolutely idiotic from Xhaka to do that. And you know what, he’s been fantastic this season in a slightly different role, higher up the pitch, had a huge influence on this team.

But that was going back to the old Xhaka. Honestly, who knows whether it led to the goal, we don’t know, but just for an experienced player to do something like that, in this ground, in the position they found themselves in… There was only one way Liverpool would get back into that game and that was with the help of the terraces.'

Roy Keane