Lionel Messi's Return to Barcelona Becoming Increasingly Likely

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Lionel Messi's Return to Barcelona Becoming Increasingly Likely
Lionel Messi's Return to Barcelona Becoming Increasingly Likely (Provided by Sport World News)

As the end of the season approaches, the likelihood of Lionel Messi's return to Barcelona is becoming increasingly apparent. According to renowned journalist Gerard Romero, the Catalan club has devised a comprehensive plan to welcome back the legendary Argentine to his former stomping grounds.

The Current State of Affairs

With Messi's contract with Paris Saint-Germain set to expire at the end of the current campaign, it appears that a renewal is unlikely. PSG fans have voiced their discontent with the star player through boos during recent matches, and it seems that neither party is interested in continuing their collaboration.

Thus, Messi's return to Barcelona seems to be the most realistic option, and the possibility of it happening is growing stronger every day. However, the Catalan club faces a significant challenge in terms of finances, and as a result, a unique plan has been devised to bring back the former captain.

Financial Fair Play and Sponsorship

Barcelona has already started the process of seeking sponsors to finance Messi's return and to ensure compliance with financial fair play regulations. According to Romero, there is optimism on both the club's and the player's side that this deal will come to fruition.

If the reunion does take place, Messi will receive a lower salary compared to his current earnings, but he will receive a higher percentage of the sponsorship and commercial profits generated by his return.

The Process Ahead

Barcelona's official offer to Messi will be followed by a private meeting with club president Joan Laporte, where the financial details and registration process will be explained to the player.

Laporta, who made the difficult decision to let Messi leave in 2021 due to financial reasons, has since admitted to having an "outstanding account" with the Argentine and stated that the "doors of the club are open" for his return.

In a recent interview posted on YouTube, Laporta stated, "The legacy I found when I became president was not good and I had to make a decision with which I am not satisfied. I have to find a way to improve Messi's current relationship with Barca. We'll see, but he knows that Barca's doors are open to him."

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