Pep Guardiola gives an update on Erling Haaland's injury

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Pep Guardiola gives an update on Erling Haaland's injury
Pep Guardiola gives an update on Erling Haaland's injury (Provided by Sport World News)

It is still unknown whether Erling Haaland will be ready for the match against Liverpool. He is probably the key player of his team this season, and the question is how much City can do without him. During today's press conference, Pep Guardiola spoke about the readiness of Erling Haaland; ‘We’ll see this afternoon.

We have the last training session at 4pm today so then we will see how he feels.’ Sometimes you have to take risks when the match is crucial, but the most important thing for them is that Haaland is healthy in the long run.

If an injured player goes out on the field and is not ready enough, it can cost you in the end. ‘We’ll see today. And again the doctors, and especially the player, will decide. How does he feel? Yesterday I spoke with him he feels good, but we’ll see.

We’ll see what happens. Life is risky in stages, we have to take it. We’ve scored a lot of goals this season, he’s scored an incredible amount of goals. In the past always we have scored a lot of goals.’

Julian Alvarez

The Spaniard talked about the quality of the players, and he also mentioned Julian Alvarez, who could replace Haaland in the right way.

‘No, because the football is the quality of the players. When you play with the typical players that you need, the tactic is the skills for every player. Erling has his skills, Julian [Alvarez] has his own skills. He gives us one thing, he gives us another, and playing with a false nine gives us another skill.

So it depends. We saw the people come back yesterday, most of the players from international break, we couldn’t do much. Today it’s a little bit and then we’ll see today the last assessment and then we’ll decide.’

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