Paul Merson on Arsenal's title chances, Trossard and Jesus

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Paul Merson on Arsenal's title chances, Trossard and Jesus
Paul Merson on Arsenal's title chances, Trossard and Jesus (Provided by Sport World News)

Paul Merson is delighted with Arsenal's form and what they have shown so far. Arsenal looks great and has a good chance of winning the title. Merson revealed what could be Arsenal's advantage and how they can more easily reach the title; 'Arsenal’s destiny will be decided when the TV fixtures get released, in terms of who plays first on a weekend,’ he told Sky Sports, as quoted by ‘I say that because if Arsenal play first they could go 11 points clear at the top.

I know Man City would have two games in hand but it’s a huge swing. 11 points is massive, you can’t make any mistakes. The pressure can get to you. It’s a really big advantage to be able to play your game without distractions.

I see Arsenal winning it from here. The way they are dismantling lesser teams is unreal.' He was particularly impressed by Arsenal's game against Fulham. 'You’d have thought Arsenal were playing against nine men at Fulham last week, that’s how dominant they were.

The same against Crystal Palace. Arsenal are Rolls-Royce. I don’t see them getting caught.’

Leonardo Trossard

He thinks that Arsenal did a great thing when they signed Leonardo Trossard. ‘£28m for Leandro Trossard.

Arsenal must have been thinking “is that all?” It’s a cup of tea in football terms. The lad could go and play for Man City tomorrow morning. There’s an art to playing for Man City, not every player could do it, but he could.

He is two-footed, he’s a special player. You cannot knock Edu and Mikel Arteta for the way they have put this team together.' Gabriel Jesus is back from injury and a lot is expected of him. Merson believes that Jesus must be patient.

Gabriel Jesus doesn’t play at the moment, for me. He’s been out a long time. Trossard has come in and hit the ground running. Look at Arsenal’s last three league games – three goals, three goals, four goals.

It’s not like they are short of goalscorers. Jesus is an unbelievable player to have on the bench, he’s got to be patient. It’s like having a transfer window now and Arsenal buying Jesus – it’s huge.'