Paul Scholes: Manchester United needs Lautaro Martinez

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Paul Scholes: Manchester United needs Lautaro Martinez

Paul Scholes spoke about the potential reinforcements of Manchester United. It is clear to everyone that Manchester needs a good striker. The two names most associated with the team from Old Trafford are Harry Kane and Victor Osimhen.

However, United legend Paul Scholes is not convinced that these transfers will be realized. “I don’t think Kane will move from Tottenham at this point,” Scholes said, as quoted by
“I think it’s tricky business dealing with Daniel Levy, he could string you on right to the very last minute of the transfer window and leave you with nothing.
I think there are other players out there, like Osimhen.

I haven’t seen loads of him, but I see him as more of a [Didier] Drogba type, possibly more of a Chelsea-type centre-forward”.

Paul Scholes: I like Lautaro Martinez

Scholes believes that Lautaro Martinez is the striker profile that Erik ten Hag wants.

“Is he going to get those kind of crosses at United? That’s the thing.
I like Lautaro Martinez at Inter Milan. I think he’s Ten Hag’s type of player. He likes a centre-forward who will run about, be aggressive, get against people.

There are options.
I like Manchester United’s centre-forwards as they are. I like Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial. We all know the quality they’ve got. There are options out there and let’s hope we can bring one in”.

Casemiro is one of the key players of Manchester United. Owen Hargreaves commented on the red card that Casemiro received in the match with Southampton. No one expected that the Brazilian would have such a big impact on the team.

“They’ve not performed very well without him when he’s not playing – a win percentage of 76% with him and only 43% without him,” said former England midfielder Owen Hargreaves. I know the body of work was a lot smaller and it was the start of the season, but the impact he’s had on the team has affected everyone.

I think [Christian] Eriksen not playing as well has had an impact.
“But somebody is going to have to step up in his place. I know he’s cost a lot of money and he’s won a lot of things, but I don’t think even he could’ve realised it could have gone as well as it has – he’s been that good”.

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