Paul Scholes dissatisfied with Bruno Fernandes: Captain has to be a calming influence


Paul Scholes dissatisfied with Bruno Fernandes: Captain has to be a calming influence

Although Manchester United won the match against Real Betis (4:1), Manchester United legend Paul Scholes expressed his dissatisfaction with Bruno Fernandes and the fact that he is the captain of the team. 'Your captain has to be a calming influence, really.

He almost has to be the one who calms characters like him down,’ Scholes said, as quoted by ‘I worry about him if Manchester United, in March or April time, are going for a league title. I don’t think having Bruno as your captain would be idea' Scholes believes that the captain of the team must be calmer and more focused.

‘But we know he’s only the vice-captain at the minute, we know Harry Maguire’s not playing. Going forward, bigger games, bigger parts of the season, going for trophies and big Champions League finals and stuff, I think a captain who’s less emotional might be better.’

Paul Scholes on Bruno Fernandes

The legendary midfielder believes that the Portuguese made sacrifices for the team many times.

However, he is not satisfied with his movements and raising his hands during the match. He believes that this is unacceptable in England. ‘You have to remember that he has been asked to play in positions that he is not comfortable in and I think he has sacrificed himself for the team for that,’ Scholes added.

‘He was clearly frustrated with his team-mates and he shows it in a way that I don’t think, when he looks back at it, he will be proud of what happened, throwing his arms up in the air and pushing the linesman.

I think he will look back at that and learn from that. He has also come from a different culture and they do that all the time; in England it is not quite acceptable as much.
I think, going forward, he will learn from that and he will try and get rid of those little, annoying things in his game.’

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