Paul Scholes disappointed: Weghorst is in the team to be a defender


Paul Scholes disappointed: Weghorst is in the team to be a defender

Paul Scholes is disappointed after Manchester United's 7-0 defeat to Liverpool. He was especially angry with Wout Weghorst, whom he believes has no specific role in the team. ‘Weghorst is in the team to be a defender, really,’ Scholes said, as quoted by ‘You’re talking about a Manchester United No.10 or a centre-forward, he’s in the team to be defensive.

He’s the one who runs about and rats about and everybody likes playing with him because he does that. But quality-wise as well you’ve got to have a certain level of quality to play for Man United… it’s not there.'

Paul Scholes is optimistic

The former midfielder of Manchester United is not a huge pessimist and believes that Manchester can learn a lot from this defeat. ‘Look, I don’t want to be too disrespectful. I don’t want to be too disrespectful to the team because they’ve been great, they’ve just won a trophy.

I keep saying the word ‘freakish’, that is a really freakish day that, that is a really freakish day. I think they’ve got the experience, the character, the quality in the team to recover from that. I think there won’t be many players who have had beatings like that, but somehow they’re going to have to respond.

I think on Thursday night he’ll freshen up, there’s a decent-sized squad now who have got a little bit of confidence about them, they’ll be looking at that thinking, ‘I should be playing’, they should be staking a claim for a place.’ Scholes was disappointed with the performance of Bruno Fernandes.

He believes that the Portuguese could have done more, but he is also aware that he did not play in his natural position. ‘I actually feel sorry for him [Fernandes] when he’s played,’ Scholes said. ‘He’s been pushed out to many positions to do a job for the team, he was on the left today, he’s been on the right, he’s played through the middle, he has been a little bit all over the place.

You can’t say any of the players performed the way they should have done but I thought he was especially poor today, it wasn’t his greatest afternoon.'

Paul Scholes