Milan wants to extend his contract with Ibrahimovic

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Milan wants to extend his contract with Ibrahimovic

An incredible hunger launched Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the protagonist of last week's city derby, in which Milan continued with a perfect series of results, and it seems that endless energy leads to the Swedish goal scorer deserving a new contract just two months after he initialed cooperation ahead of this season.

Italy is buzzing about Paolo Maldini's intentions to complete Ibrahimovic's signature as soon as possible and thus solve one big dilemma for the future of the Rossoneri.

Allegedly, the legendary captain and current director of Rossoneri, before the derby against Inter, announced to Mina Raiola that they wanted to start talks on a new contract, and as Zlatan jokingly decided to clean up Inter: Maldini is now even more persistent in signing soon.

It would be a one-year contract again, that is, until June 2022, which certainly suits all parties in this story. Ibra has an inexhaustible motivation to continue to provide games at the highest level and return Milan to its old glory, while the club leaders have the opportunity to balance their finances and not sign a contract with their goal scorer, which could be harmful in the end.

Let us remind you, Milan agreed with Zlatan and made official the cooperation worth 6,000,000 euros fixed, plus 500,000 European banknotes through easy bonuses and eventual placement in the Champions League Since the beginning of the season, Zlatan has shaken the net five times in three matches, of which four goals in two games in Serie A.


Of course, Maldini's idea is not just to keep Zlatan. Namely, everyone in the club hopes that Maldini, with his negotiating skills, could put a kind of pressure on Gianluigi Donnaruma through Raiola and Zlatan to finally put his autograph on the new cooperation.

He is in the last year of his contract, so it is normal for everyone in the club to worry that the super-talented goalkeeper will not leave without compensation, and as early as January he could negotiate with everyone without the club's control.

Donnaruma reportedly wants to stay in Milan but is asking for a buyout clause of only 30,000,000 euros to be included in his contract in case the Rossoneri do not win a place in the Champions League again. And that is something they want to avoid in Milan.

As for the financial part, his salary would jump from the current 6,000,000 to between seven and eight million euros. Now it's all about Maldini ...