Garry Neville: What Erik ten Hag has done is assume control at the club

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Garry Neville: What Erik ten Hag has done is assume control at the club

Manchester United won 2:0 in the Carabao Cup final. The opponent was Newcastle United. The former legends of Manchester United were satisfied with the achieved success. One of those who is particularly pleased is Garry Neville.

"Where they are and what they are doing is something I could never have imagined six months ago,” Neville told Sky Sports, as quoted by Eurosport.
“The big things – leaving Marcus Rashford out for being late in the Wolves game, the way the Cristiano Ronaldo situation was dealt with, Harry Maguire as captain being left out - they are massive decisions and courageous ones.

They could have easily gone wrong and gone the other way.
What he [Ten Hag] has done is assume control at the club. Think of Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, there’s no doubt they are the most important figure at their football clubs.

Erik ten Hag over the last few months, I think he’s taken control.
The fans love the team again and you saw the cheer the fans gave him. They love those players, Casemiro, Rashford, but when he lifted the trophy, there was no doubt who they think the most important person is”.

Roy Keane on the team

Roy Keane also commented on the match. He was particularly impressed with Casemiro. The Brazilian looked great, did the job forward and back, and was perhaps the key man in United's victory. “He’s won everything the game but he’s still got the hunger, desire,” said Keane.
“His football intelligence - the decision making, when to pass, weight of pass, when to dive in, when to give a foul away, he’s scored goals and his quality.
That’s surprised everybody when he came to the club but this is what I expected from him.

Maybe what surprises me is his attacking play, he also does all the ugly side of the game.
He looks like a big personality in the dressing room and United have lacked that over the last few years”.