James Rodriguez will not be playing this weekend

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James Rodriguez will not be playing this weekend

The derby ended peacefully, but with casualties. Last week's clash between Everton and Liverpool cost the Reds, they probably can't count on Virgil van Dijk until the end of the season, and the price was paid by the club from Goodison Park because they were left without James Rodriguez.

However, the Colombian will return to the field much faster, but, unfortunately for the Caramel fans, he will not be in the squad to visit Southampton, in the sixth round of the Premier League. "Unfortunately, James was injured during the match with Liverpool.

"After the duel with Van Dijk at the beginning of the game, he felt pain and he will certainly not play against Southampton," confirmed coach Carlo Ancelotti. What bad luck it is for Everton is best seen by the fact that James Rodriguez, along with Dominic Calvert Lewin, is the team's best player at the start of the season.

In the initial five rounds, he is credited with six goals, he gave and set up three, and his absence will surely be noticed in the game of the Italian strategist's team. Rodriguez's return is expected on the first day of November when Newcastle arrives at Goodison.

Jordan Pickford is disappointed

On the other hand, Carlo Ancelotti apologized on behalf of Everton to Liverpool because Jordan Pickford injured Van Dijk and probably ended his season. "To be completely clear, we are sorry that Van Dijk was injured.

Pickford was late at the start, but his intention all the time was to pick up the ball, not to harm the rival. It would be too much to say that in that move of our goalie, there was an intention to injure the opponent. Virgil knows "Pickford is sad, disappointed with everything that happened," said Ancelotti.

James Rodriguez arrived at Everton this summer from Real Madrid. In the beginning, it was rumored that he costs 25 million, but it turned out that he came for free, which surprised many football fans. No one expected such a good James Rodriguez, but especially not such a good Everton.

Everton bought great players in previous transfer deadlines, but it would turn out that those players are not good enough for them, or simply do not fit into the team. Now it looks like Everton have been lucky and they brought good players who can do something at such a club.

James is currently one of the best players not only at Everton but also in the league. Every game has been one of the best and it will be interesting to watch the English Premier League this year. Will Everton be able to be at least in the top 4? Many think they can’t, but when we think of Leicester, nothing seems impossible