Mesut Ozil is not licensed for the Premier League and Champions League

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Mesut Ozil is not licensed for the Premier League and Champions League

There has been some kind of intolerance between Arsenal and Mesut Ozil for a long time. The club from London is not satisfied with what they got from the expensive player all these years, while the former German national team player is interested in squeezing the contract to the end, and on the field, even when he gets a chance, he shows almost nothing.

Last season, Ozil played 23 matches for the Gunners on all fronts and achieved a miserable performance of one goal and three assists. And these? He will not even be on the field, because manager Mikel Arteta has decided not to license the German for matches in either the Premier League or the Europa League.

Ozil got angry, poured fire after the decision was announced, but Arteta did not back down one iota. "My conscience is clear because I was very fair to him. The decision is exclusively football. "My job is to get the best out of every player, and today I feel like Ozil is my failure," said Arteta.

Mesut didn't play since March

If we take into account that Ozil has not played a minute since March and that he is the most expensive player in the Arsenal camp and that he refused every opportunity to leave the club this summer, then Arteta's decision does not sound illogical.

"I always wanted good for Ozil and the team. At times, I thought I was close to making it happen. But when I was convinced that it was not possible, I decided not to include Ozil in the team. It is not true that the decision has anything to do with his refusal to reduce his salary.

This is exclusively my decision ", said Mikel Arteta. Former German national team player Mesut Ozil came to Arsenal in the summer of 2013 from Real Madrid and has so far played 254 games for the club from London, scoring 44 goals, while assisting for 77 This will probably mean Mesut's move to another club.

It is assumed that this could happen during the winter transfer deadline. It is certain that Mesut still knows how to play football, but it is necessary to have the right coach who can get the best out of him. Many clubs will stand in line, because we know how good Mesut is and how great he was at Real Madrid, but also at Arsenal when he first arrived.

Is Mesut no longer motivated to play, is something going on in his life? We don't know that at the moment. But we know that if he trains hard and takes his role seriously, he can still be one of the best in his position.