Graham Potter on death threats and pressure

“Pressure is a two way thing, isn’t it?. Four months ago, was I under pressure? I don’t know."

by Sead Dedovic
Graham Potter on death threats and pressure

Graham Potter has huge problems. In addition to the fact that things are not going well for Chelsea, this English manager also receives threats from the fans. Potter is happy for the chance he has, but the pressure from the fans, and even the messages in which he is threatened with death, are certainly not a positive thing for his mandate.

"If you go to work and somebody is swearing at you it’s not going to be pleasant,” Potter said, as quoted by “If you’re referred to as the worst person in the history of the club. Everyone does care what people think.

We’re hard-wired to be socially connected. I want to succeed here. There’s this nonsense I don’t care. My response would be ‘Where’s your evidence on that?’
Not that I’d let you do it, but you can ask my family how my life has been for me and for them.

It’s been not pleasant at all. I understand. Supporters go home and they’re really annoyed because the team aren’t winning but I assure you my life for the last three or four months has been fairly average, apart from the fact I’m really grateful for this experience.
The world is tough for everybody.

We’re going through an energy crisis, a cost of living crisis. People are striking every other week. Nobody wants to hear about the poor old Premier League manager.
Nevertheless, if you ask me: ‘Is it hard, is it tough, is it nice to hear?' – as much as I’ve had support, I’ve had some not particularly nice emails come through that want me to die and want my kids to die.

That’s obviously not pleasant."

Graham Potter on the pressure

Potter is aware that criticism is an integral part of the whole story. However, the pressure he feels is too great, and it is obvious that he is having a hard time dealing with it.

We will see if Potter will stay on the bench of the London team for a long time. “Pressure is a two way thing, isn’t it?. Four months ago, was I under pressure? I don’t know. But obviously, with the results the way they are now you accept it absolutely.

It’s fascinating to see the process play itself out. I’ve sat here for four months answering questions about pressure. Do I have time? Have I spoken to the owners?
The same every week. That’s just part of life at Chelsea.

And then you have to accept the fact that when the results are like they are, you have to accept criticism. That should come and that’s fair.
The mood in here has always been relatively positive and respectful. But that’s not to say it’s easy at all.

Your family life suffers, your mental health suffers, your personality … it’s hard. But you’re not really bothered, eh? It’s just how it is”.

Graham Potter