Manchester United legends on the performance of Bruno Fernandes

“Sacrifice is what it’s all about in these big games,”- Paul Scholes said

by Sead Dedovic
Manchester United legends on the performance of Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United won against Barcelona in the match at Old Trafford with a score of 2:1. The goal scorers were Antony and Fred. Manchester United legends sat in the BT Sports studio and put a special emphasis on Bruno Fernandes, who played on the right side.

They are happy because he sacrificed himself for the team. “Sacrifice is what it’s all about in these big games,”- Paul Scholes said, as quoted by
“Rooney did it so many times to accommodate Cristiano Ronaldo, bringing that anticipation and quality to the team that Bruno has, and wherever he plays in the team he is capable of creating a goal”.

Robin van Persie also drew a parallel between Wayne Rooney and Bruno Fernandes. “Fernandes plays on the wing, great players do that for the team, Rooney did it as well many times.
When you are a great player you are a team player, when the team needs you on the wing he does that, he is showing he wants to win for the team and for everyone.

Even as a winger he is still doing well but in the centre of the pitch he is by far the best”.

Owen Hargreaves

Owen Hargreaves talked about how much Fernandes affects the game. “Bruno is doing a job for the manager on the right-hand side, to play balls and crosses into the box, but you can see he is so much more comfortable as a No.

10. He effects the game, he did in Barcelona, he did it here tonight”. Bruno Fernandes is overjoyed with his teammates and the fans who are with them. “The belief of the team is always there, the belief by the fans is amazing, they pushed us through difficult moments this season and we have made great comebacks.

The club is made by that, we know in the past we have done a lot like this result.
They have been with us in the toughest moments. This season we have been really good, because also they are always behind us, but this season there is something different, you can feel it between them and us.
We have something special.

They see that we are doing all we can to win games for them and the push they gave us this evening, Old Trafford was bouncing, that’s why we get the result”.

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