Steven Gerrard after Liverpool's loss to Real Madrid: I think it's a reality check


Steven Gerrard after Liverpool's loss to Real Madrid: I think it's a reality check

Liverpool disappointed their fans after their terrible defeat against Real Madrid. Although Jurgen Klopp's team had the initiative at the start and a 2-0 lead, they still failed to maintain the pace and suffered a heavy defeat.

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard considers this defeat a 'reality check' “I think it’s a reality check. [Liverpool] got off to the perfect start - exactly what you need on a European night. Start fast, get yourself in front, build on it, 2-0 up.

But then from that moment, Real Madrid came back into it, scored quite quick – a fantastic goal.

From then, Liverpool were dominated and outclassed for large periods. “Look, I think any team, any club, if you concede five goals there’s got to be an inquest into why and how, and I'm sure Jurgen will do that in the coming days.

I think everyone will be a bit raw on the back of that defeat”. - Steven Gerrard said, as quoted by The fact that Liverpool conceded 5 goals at Anfield is devastating. “Liverpool don't concede five goals here at Anfield,” Gerrard said.

"There's going to be a bit of soul searching and a bit of looking in the mirror. There always is when you concede that many goals and it wasn’t good enough”.

Steven Gerrard on Luka Modric and Karim Benzema

Steve G did not forget to praise Luka Modrica and Karim Benzema who are really phenomenal despite their age.

“Sometimes in football, you have to put your hands up and say the best team won,” he said. “We’re witnessing absolute greatness in [Luka] Modric and Benzema. You’re talking about players that are operating on a different level than most”.

Rio Ferdinand gave an interesting comparison between the two big teams. “You’ve got one side who seems like they’re going down one side of the mountain, to another team that’s still going up, and improving,” said Ferdinand.

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