Luka Modric on the match with PSG: I told Carvajal; We will kill them at the Bernabeu

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Luka Modric on the match with PSG: I told Carvajal; We will kill them at the Bernabeu

Luka Modric spoke to Rio Ferdinand on BT Sport's Between The Lines. Modric recalled the match with PSG in which Real Madrid went through in an impressive manner. The Croatian recalled how much he believed in his team to make a comeback despite the 1-0 defeat in Paris.

“Everyone was favourite against us it seemed," said Modric, as quoted by "I think it's difficult to describe what happened.
This game for example, in the first leg, I remember we lost 1-0. We played okay but the coach took me off.
And I was sitting [on the bench] with [Dani] Carvajal.

And I told him before the goal, we will kill them at the Bernabeu. I knew that at the Bernabeu, we had to open [up the game]. We had to show our offensive quality.
And I knew that they would suffer if we performed like we can.

And that's what happened, especially in the last 30 minutes of the second half."

Luka Modric: Our fans are very demanding

Modric is especially happy about the support of the fans who, despite everything, believed in their team.

This gave them additional motivation to show their superiority against PSG. “Also, the fans played an important role. Our fans are very demanding and sometimes when things don't go your way, they can be, yeah... [smiles]
But they were unbelievable - the noise at the stadium was different”.

At one point, Ferdinand showed a celebration inside the Real Madrid locker room after they advanced to the next round. Modric was especially motivated, given that no one believed in his team. “That’s why you see these celebrations.

It came naturally but also because everyone was writing us off.
[They were saying] they are dead, [Luka] Modric should retire, [Toni] Kroos cannot play, this and that, you know? It’s emotional”.