Mikel Arteta: Neutral fans want Arsenal to win the Premiership


Mikel Arteta: Neutral fans want Arsenal to win the Premiership

Arsenal and Manchester City are in a big race until the very end. Mikel Arteta, manager of Arsenal, believes that most neutral fans want Arsenal to win the Premier League. 'Because of what they see, people have a lot of sympathy for us, our players and the way we have done things.

I don't think we have ever been favourites, I don't think that has changed. Man City have been the number one candidates from day one because they have been in that position for much of the last five years. Before the season, if you had to bet on someone, put some money or your house on somebody, I think a lot of people would have done something different.'

- he said, as quoted by dailymail.co.uk

Mikel Arteta: What we can control is what we do

The Spaniard believes that his team must focus on themselves and try to go to the very end. The most important thing is that they play at the highest level until the very end, which will certainly be difficult.

'What we can control is what we do. That's what I've been saying for three months. It's about what we do tomorrow. The energy we have to play with and how we're going to continue to believe in what we do. And to be more efficient.

We cannot control what other teams will do. At the end of the day, come the end of May you're going to have to have a certain amount of points. Don't tell me how or where, but you're going to have to have those points. When you see yourself there and when you see the team performing and winning matches, you want to continue that.

That is for sure.' Many criticize Arsenal for not having a wide bench. This is exactly where Manchester City could have an advantage. 'You have to do things consistently, at an extremely high level. And you have to have all the players available as well.

To have the capacity to rotate, to have the capacity when players are not in the best moment to change them. That is what we are looking to do. But I think a highly motivated team, with a highly motivated crowd that wants to help you, I think it is an extraordinary thing to have.'

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