Sebastien Haller on the battle with cancer and his comeback

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Sebastien Haller on the battle with cancer and his comeback

Sebastien Haller showed his courage and managed to win his battle against the testicular cancer. He will never forget the goal he scored against Freiburg after returning. “Those kinds of moments make you remember why you play football," he said for CNN
“When you score a goal, you feel like you’re on a cloud because the stadium is on fire and your team-mates are happy.
It’s a moment that’s difficult to describe, but especially this one because I knew it was not only about me, but also about the adventure to this day.
It was about everything that it represented for a lot of people, so I was even more happy that I could score on this day”.

Sebastian Haller

Haller found out he had a tumor at a training camp in Switzerland. His family and Haller were in shock. It is difficult to accept such information. “I was at the training camp in Switzerland and I said to the to the doctor and physios that I had something in my body that was a bit uncomfortable,” he said.
“So we had to take an MRI the next day, and after that they saw that it was a tumour, but they didn't know exactly the nature of it.
I had to get it checked by the urologist.

He knew it was this cancer and everything happened very quickly, let's say in 24 hours.
The toughest thing was to see the faces of my family and deal with the pain and the sadness from my closest ones.
I want to say that they helped me as much as they could, especially as I was doing my treatment in Amsterdam.

So many people helped me, from my neighbours to the people on social media.
It was not just about one person or just one club, and I never expected so many people around to help me - this made a big difference”.

Dortmund will play against Chelsea, and it will be an additional motivation for him to show his quality.

“Of course, for me, the Champions League has a lot of great memories and I want to create some more," he said.
“I'm just excited to play because I know this will be a special moment, and I want to make it even more special with a good result at the end”.