Erik ten Hag: Marcus Rashford is currently one of the best forwards in Europe

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Erik ten Hag: Marcus Rashford is currently one of the best forwards in Europe

Marcus Rashford was once again the hero of his side after scoring the first goal in his side's 2-0 win against Leeds United. Erik ten Hag is delighted with Marcus Rashford and believes that Marcus is one of the best players in Europe at the moment.

"He's definitely one of them," Ten Hag said, as quoted by "He has the skills.
I was convinced from the first moment, I was really excited to work with him, I thought I could get more out of him.
But he has so many skills and such high potential and there can be even more.

When he works well he will score even more goals because he can score with his left, right and his head.
It's about him getting into position but also the team has to have the capabilities to pass in there and cross in there, as they did today.

I think that is what I wanted to describe”.

Erik ten Hag on Rashford

The Dutchman expects a lot from Marcus Rashford, maybe even more than it is now. Rashford is a really great striker who had problems with consistency.

However, this season he showed that he is a class of players. The injuries he had earlier also affected him, but the atmosphere in the team was also a factor because Rashford did not show his full potential. Now things are finally ideal in the team, and it seems that Marcus has no problem showing all his talent.

"You asked me, 'do you think you have a player in your squad who can score 20 goals?' in August or September and I confirmed. I think he can do that.
Now, if you are satisfied with it then it will stop. Because satisfaction goes to laziness you have to keep investing every day and when he keeps the investment and keeps the focus in every game and brings the energy in and the belief, he will score, he will keep scoring.
So then I don't know when it will stop but it has to go from game to game and during the week do the right things.

I think as a manager, as a coaching staff we have to push him but finally it comes from the player. When he loses focus, the scoring will stop, clear."