Pep Guardiola is worried about Erling Haaland's health condition!

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Pep Guardiola is worried about Erling Haaland's health condition!

Pep Guardiola is worried about Erling Haaland's health before the derby with Arsenal. The Spaniard hopes that Haaland will be available for the derby. Considering the importance of players like Haaland, City will have a much more difficult task to accomplish without him.

“He has a big knock. He was uncomfortable,” said Guardiola, as quoted by “At 3-0 we did not want to take a risk. We will see. We will assess in the next day.
If he is not available, we will play another one.

Hopefully he is available. We will see in the next days”. Guardiola has serious plans with Haaland, who is by far the best scorer in the Premiership. Although he has not been a scorer in matches lately, no one doubts the qualities of this great striker.

“His presence is really good to just to take a look a little bit more when we have no pressure on the ball and they play a high line, we will be able to find him a little bit more," he said.
"It is a process we will work on”.

Pep Guardiola talks about injuries

Given that they have a small squad, Guardiola hopes that there will not be a large number of injuries. The width of the bench could be a big problem for his team. City has great doctors and physiotherapists who will work hard to reduce injuries and speed up the recovery of those who have already been injured.

“We have 18 or 19 players, probably one of the smallest squads in the Premier League by far," he continued.
“It is important we do not have injuries. We have an incredible methodology for the training to match the fatigue and to limit injuries.
We have an incredible team of doctors, physios.

For many years i have been fighting for that”. Manchester City will have an interesting task until the end of the season. There are still good chances to win the title.

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