Tottenham interim manager: “It's a mental process, you have to be better mentally"

Spurs fans are disappointed after another defeat

by Sead Dedovic
Tottenham interim manager: “It's a mental process, you have to be better mentally"

Tottenham Spurs have had a problem with consistency for a long time. The 4-1 defeat against Leicester is the best indicator of that. Interim manager of Tottenham, Cristian Stellini commented on the performance of his team; "To be consistent is a long process,” said Stellini, as quoted by “It's a mental process, you have to be better mentally.
After we scored the goal, something changed.
We are a team and in the team something has to change, not individually.

It's about the desire." Bentancur had to leave the game duo to a knee injury. Stellini hopes for a quick return of the Uruguayan. "He feels pain at the moment,” said Stellini.
“We know only this but he can walk so it's important to feel that he came back to the bench with his leg [injury] and we hope that we can check in a few days that Rodrigo can feel better and he can play soon”.

Stellini and his players

Stellini believes in the players in his team, and is ready to give everyone a chance. “We trust a lot in our team, in all the squad,” added Stellini.
“So if we need to play with other players we will play and trust in them.

It's important to understand that it's not one player who changes the team. If the team does something more we can cover the gap with players who haven't in the past played a lot. If everyone takes responsibility, nothing changes”.

Son Heung-min believes that they started the match well, but too many mistakes led to such a result. This can be a big lesson for them. “We started quite well and created chances,” said Son.
“After it was 1-1 we conceded a quick second goal and then it was open.

It was a difficult game then. Leicester were so clinical, they almost scored every chance. It’s a very disappointing result.
I think it’s very sad. We knew it was going to be a really hard game. In the Premier League it’s never an easy game.

It showed the Premier League has a high level. I don’t know what I can say, it’s very disappointing.
I don’t think [it was complacency]. We came with a good feeling after beating City. The first minute we were really on it. We should be ready and learn something.
Today should be a big lesson for us."