Cech in the Chelsea team as the fourth goalkeeper

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Cech in the Chelsea team as the fourth goalkeeper

Chelsea shocked the football public enough to license the current club official Petr Cech, who ended his playing career two years ago, to continue competing in the Premier League. In addition to the three goalkeepers (Mendy, Kepa, Caballero), Chelsea still decided to add a fourth.

And to be a club legend who currently performs the function of advisor for sports and technical issues. Why? The answer was given by coach Frank Lampard. "We definitely didn't do it just because it's romantic.

We had a surplus place on the list for licensed players, and we see that this season is different from all the others due to the situation with the COVID-19 virus and isolations. "If we fall into such a crisis, we will hardly find anyone better than him," Lampard explained.

If it really happens that Cech would stand on the goal, Lampard claims that fans should not worry. "He is relatively young. He could still defend when he decided to end his career. He trains regularly and is fit. He enjoys training.

It would be insane if we didn’t take advantage of that situation. I don't know if we will see him on the field this season. But he trains every day and can only be of help to our goalkeepers because they train with one of the best in history "


And the first goalkeeper of the Blues will definitely be newcomer Eduard Mendy, who came from Rennes. The traumas of Chelsea fans with the troubled Keppa Arizabalaga have come to an end. "Mendy is the first goalkeeper.

It shows that quality. The way he defends is very good and I am satisfied. He already has two matches behind him without conceding a goal. As things stand, he is the first goalkeeper, but that must not relax him. We were aware that we have had a problem with the goalkeeper position since last season.

We have to be honest and open about it. Keppa too. Mendy came to make us better, ”Lampard said. It is known that Chelsea had huge problems when it comes to goalkeepers last season and that it could be guessed that Lampard will try to find a new goalkeeper who will replace Keppa.

It may have been strange to some why the choice fell on Mendy because many had never heard of him at all. However, it seems that Mendy is a great player and that he will bring a lot to the team with his games. Keppa, who was paid a large sum of money, is now probably feeling the pressure and will have to work much harder if he wants to be the first Chelsea goalkeeper.