Cody Gakpo: I might not have the best relationships yet


Cody Gakpo: I might not have the best relationships yet

Cody Gakpo has huge problems after he came to Liverpool. The Dutchman is not playing as expected, and there is a lot of pressure on him. “I think everybody knows we are a little bit struggling in every area so it is more difficult for a new player to come in,” Gakpo told the Daily Mail.

“But that doesn't stop me from trying to improve. I can do a lot more.
For me, I see every difficulty as a possibility. I realise you don't have all the time in the world so it's up to me to perform and figure it out as quickly as possible, even though I might not have the best relationships yet”.

Gakpo believes that it takes some time to create chemistry between the players. “When I got the opportunity to come to a massive club like this, I don't wait for five years more! I see it more as a challenge.
It's my first transfer and of course I have to adapt.

I might make certain movements on the pitch that the other players don't know.
For example, what Thiago does when he gets the ball, maybe I have to move a little bit differently. It's just learning about each other and getting better."

Cody Gakpo and his stats

Gakpo does not have good statistics for now, but he hopes to start with goals and assists.

“I’m an attacking player so I like to score goals and give assists,” he continued.
“When you don't, anyone would be lying if they said it didn't affect them." The Dutchman is aware that his team and all players must improve if they want to be competitive with other teams.

“You are judged on that so it's something I need to get back as quickly as possible.
It would be amazing to come into a team that won every game but I don't think it's bad to come into this situation. During times like this you improve things you don't know about yourself.
We know we have to improve and start winning. We have so much quality but we all have to step up as a team”.