Legends of English football talked about Pep Guardiola and financial allegations

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Legends of English football talked about Pep Guardiola and financial allegations

Financial charges imposed on Manchester City could be a huge motivation for Pep Guardiola and his team. Manchester City still does not know what punishment will await them, but at a time when City is fighting for the title with Arsenal, things like this will not bring them anything good.

BT Sport's Joe Cole gave his take on the whole situation; "From a players perspective they will just be concentrating on the next game," he told BT Sport. "All this stuff goes on above you effectively.
Pep has used it as a siege mentality.

He will use it to galvanise the team and they need galvanising on the pitch.
The players will be happy with what the manager has said and they will just be concentrating on the weekend."
Gianfranco Zola believes that Pep Guardiola still knows how to motivate his team, despite the difficult moments they are in.

"I'm sure he will be using [this siege mentality] because he will use it to motivate the players even more," he said.
"It's tricky one because everyone will be commenting on this and they will be affected but knowing his ability to use the motivation on his side I'm sure he will deliver that.
The fact the manager has come out with the strong affirmations like he did.

If I was a player for Manchester City I would be very pleased with that and I'd very much be reassured."

Rio Ferdinand on Pep Guardiola

Rio Ferdinand believes that Guardiola knows how to handle these situations. Besides the fact that he is a great expert, Guardiola is an intelligent man.

"It screams to me that he's had a really in-depth conversation with the powers that be at the club and they have told him in no uncertain terms that they are innocent and that they haven't broken any of the rules.
He's an intelligent guy and he's experienced enough in this game.

He's not going to pin himself to something where they could be kind of holding that [against him].
The board and the owners have said 'we are not guilty, stay with us, trust us, you've trusted us to this point, you have to come with us again' and he's decided 'right, this is my family and I'll stick with them.' "

Pep Guardiola