Barcelona players rewarded with a contracts for a bizarre reason

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Barcelona players rewarded with a contracts for a bizarre reason

Behind the news that four players (Pique, Lenglet, De Jong and Ter Stegen) have extended their contracts with Barcelona, ​​we should not ask for a long-term plan and program of the Catalan giant's management, but it is clear proof that relations in the Barça locker room are seriously damaged, claims Marca.

Having in mind that this is Real's "newsletter", this information should be taken very carefully, however, Marca goes into small details and accurately explains every situation from the recent past when the problem arose.

And it appeared with the beginning of the financial crisis caused by the coronavorus pandemic. Even before the planet was hit by a disease called COVID-19, it was quite clear that Barca's economic collapse was approaching.

The crisis has only accelerated that process. Because the Spanish giant spent as much as 63 percent of the annual budget, or 630,000,000 euros, on the salaries of the playing staff. With the advent of the COVID-19, it happened that revenues fell by as much as 200,000,000, and that then meant that the costs for salaries climbed to an incredible 80 percent of the budget.

The club had no choice but to ask the players to agree to 70 percent lower income. At first, everyone accepted that, but the new austerity measures (reduction for next year as well, so adequate collection only in the last years of the contract) were a drop in the bucket.

Letter to managment

Thus, two days ago, the players led by four captains (Messi, Busquets, Sergio Roberto, Pique) sent a letter to the Management in which they made it clear that it does not occur to them to agree to new reductions.

However, not everyone wanted to initial that letter. Mark Andre ter Stegen, Clemon Lenglet, Frankie de Jong, Miralem Pjanic and Serginho Dest refused to sign, and later one of the captains, Gerard Pique. "Such a decision by Ter Stegen, Lenglet, De Jong and, above all, Pique, is an indicator that there has been a complete disintegration in the Barcelona locker room," Marca writtes In translation, it turns out that Pique, Lenglet, De Jong and Ter Stegen were rewarded with new contracts for treason.

"There is no more unity in Barcelona's locker room. It is now clear to everyone. While most of the team protested and refused to sit at the table with Bartomeu, individuals were very happy to do so and signed new contracts."

If it turns out that Marca had good sources and that all this is true, it is unlikely that this kind of ambience in the locker room will not reflect on the results of the Catalan great ... atalan great ...