Martin Odegaard on Arteta: He is next level, he's a bit crazy

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Martin Odegaard on Arteta: He is next level, he's a bit crazy

Martin Odegaard spoke to the Players Tribune about Mikel Arteta and his passionate way of working. Odegaard received an invitation from Arteta to come to Arsenal, at a time when the London team found themselves in 15th place at the table.

The Norwegian was impressed by Arteta's passion. “I spoke to Mikel Arteta on a Zoom call and he told me all about the project,” he said, as quoted by "At the time, Arsenal were not doing well. They were way down like 15th in the table, but that meeting… Honestly, I challenge anyone to come away from a meeting with Arteta and not believe everything he tells you.
He is next level.

It's hard to explain. He’s passionate, he’s intense and sometimes, yeah, he’s a bit crazy… but when he speaks, you understand that whatever he says will happen, will happen."

Mikel Arteta and his plans

Arteta presented his plans and ideas for the future, which turned out to be correct.

His team is doing great this season. They are at the top of the table, and the young players he told Odegaard about are the 'moving engine' of this team. “He told me his plan, everything he was building towards. He knew exactly what needed to change at the club.

He told me all about these amazing young players in the squad — [Bukayo] Saka, [Gabriel] Martinelli, [Emile] Smith Rowe, etc., etc. He told me how he wanted me to fit in and how I was going to improve.
I got this strong feeling that he was onto something really special”.

Odegaard believes that Arsenal has no 'limit' They still don't bother with the title, but they hope that things will be ideal after the end of the season. “We’re in the title race now,” he said. “But there’s a long way to go and, trust me, no one is thinking about May yet.
It’s a cliche but we are taking it game by game, training session by training session.

One piece at a time.
I will say this, though, if there’s anyone left who still doesn’t fully believe in this team, take it from me: there are no limits on what we can achieve. No one can tell me otherwise.
I’m so proud to be captain of this club and I feel like I’m going to be here a long time”.