Gary Neville predicts how many points Arsenal need to win the title


Gary Neville predicts how many points Arsenal need to win the title

Arsenal is currently at the top of the table. Many expected that the club from London would "fall". However, Mikel Arteta's team still ranks well, and they have an interesting advantage over Manchester City. The Manchester United legend, Gary Neville, gave a forecast of how many points Arsenal will need if they want to win the title.

"I said before that 85 or 86 points will win the title this season,” said Neville, as quoted by
"I think this is a traditional season. For Arsenal to get over the line, it will be a little bit like Blackburn did against Manchester United in 1994/95.
You don't win the title easily, you just don’t.
It is a struggle to win your first title after a number of years
You [Arsenal] are going to limp over the line, you are going to struggle to get there and you will be put under pressure.

Arsenal may get there because of what is happening at City."

Manchester City vs Arsenal

Many fans, after every loss of points by Arsenal, predicted that City would reduce the advantage that Arsenal has. However, Pep Guardiola's team also fails to reach Arsenal.

There is still a long way to go, and we will see if Arsenal can really stay at the top. "But in terms of Arsenal having a massive lead currently, I think we should take our minds back to Saturday afternoon after Arsenal had lost and we were thinking, ‘[the gap] is going to be two points’.

That lead can just evaporate inside a week.
This could happen again in two weeks, in three weeks, in six weeks – this could go on for months.
There will be another weekend where Arsenal lose, and Manchester City can go to two points and then City play Arsenal after that and go one point in front. That could have happened in the next 10 days”.

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