Pep Guardiola: We are not in the position to think about being champions

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Pep Guardiola: We are not in the position to think about being champions

The Manchester City players disappointed the fans after a bad game against Tottenham. Pep Guardiola's team lost to Tottenham 1-0, and now they have a much tougher task. Guardiola believes that his team is currently in no position to challenge for the Premiership title.

“We started really well, as usually happens against Tottenham home and away, but after we made a mistake they punished us,”- he said for skysports.
“At 1-0 down it is different, we had chances, and of course when we lose balls in transition with [Dejan] Kulusevski and [Heung-Min] Son, it is not easy.

We dropped three points.
We are not in the position to think about being champions, just the next game, Aston Villa, we will prepare well and play our game as best as possible.
Tottenham has a fantastic team and squad and they punish you.

They have a lot of quality up front and don't need much with transitions, set-pieces, give a lot of credit to them." Manchester City lost 5 games at Tottenham Stadium without scoring a goal. Will they break the curse next season? “Sooner or later it is going to change,” Guardiola continued “But it is strange we haven't scored one goal, we have missed penalties in the past.

To find an explanation is not easy.
We found the positions, made good balls to the channels, but missed the last action up front”.

Pep Guardiola and his gameplan

Guardiola confirmed that the players followed the gameplan.

However, Tottenham set up defensively. They didn't let the City players threaten their goal. “Most of the time, yeah. But it is not easy when 10 players defend, and sit back a little bit more than in the Etihad two weeks ago [when City beat Tottenham 4-2].
We played good, started well and missed maybe the last pass, to shoot."
The season is long and many things can change.

Pep Guardiola is aware of this. However, his statements say something to the contrary. Are these mental games of the Spaniard or does he really believe that they have no chance?

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