Jurgen Klopp after the defeat vs Wolves: I have no explanation, I'm sorry

“For the moment, I'm so disappointed and angry about the first 15 minutes, I can't find the words for it,” he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Jurgen Klopp after the defeat vs Wolves: I have no explanation, I'm sorry

Jurgen Klopp is in big trouble, with his team losing 3-0 to the Wolves. Liverpool looks like a totally different team compared to previous seasons. Many believe that this will mean the end for Klopp, but the Liverpool management is still not reacting.

The German has no explanation for his team's poor performance. "You're 2-0 down, the crowd is there but it opens up and we get some control,” Klopp told BBC Sport.
“Then for about 45 minutes we play a good away game without scoring.

That sums it up pretty much.
Concentration for the first 15 minutes. Again, I cannot explain. But these 15 minutes cannot be allowed. It needs to change. That's the thing.
I stand here again and for the first 15 minutes I have no explanation, I'm sorry.
In the end we lost 3-0 because the goal in the second half was perhaps the first time they crossed the halfway line.
But it's right because when you start like this you don't deserve anything in a Premier League game”.


Everton will be their next opponent. What does not work in their favor is Everton's victory over Arsenal, which is certainly a huge motivation for Sean Dyche's team. "We have to change it immediately in the next game.
Everton won today and they are in a good moment so we have to prove a point again”.

Klopp believes that the Wolves deserved to win, but that his team had the initiative that they had to use. Obviously, something is not right in Liverpool. “Then we have chances we should score. It could have been 2-1 and that would have changed everything I'm sure.
Wolves deserve the three points.

Yes, definitely. That's clear. We cannot go through that season that nobody did before but how long do we want to suffer?
It is one explanation in general yes, but not for the first 15 minutes here today. What we make of it in this moment is absolutely not OK."

Jurgen Klopp