Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 'disappointed' after Potter's decision

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 'disappointed' after Potter's decision

Many were surprised when they found out that Aubameyang was not on the list of players for the Champions League. Graham Potter brought in plenty of reinforcements and the Gabonese doesn't seem to be in his plans. Rumors are circulating in the media on the island that Aubameyang was disappointed and shocked after learning such news.

At the press conference before the match with Fulham, Graham Potter spoke about exactly that. He emphasized that the competition is huge and that sometimes 'unpopular' decisions have to be made. “That’s a challenge, there’s no point denying that because players want to play, and when they’re not playing they’re disappointed - naturally - and you have to acknowledge that and help them with that, and then try and create an environment,”-Graham Potter told skysports.

“It’s not so simple, but there’s healthy competition, we need to try and win our games, we need to try to progress in the Champions League, we need to try to involve everybody, because everybody is going to be important.

We can’t win with 11, but maybe 33 is pushing it a little”.

Graham Potter talks about the process

Reporters were interested in whether the new reinforcements mean a new Chelsea? Potter emphasized that this is a process and he expects a lot from his team.

“You always learn as you go along. I don’t think it’s as simple as starting again, every game, every day is a time to learn. You have mistakes, you have defeats, you have to pick yourself up and go again - all for development - it’s vital to grow, so we don’t feel like that.

When you’ve got new players it’s normal that you have to try and gel and then you’ll find things out as you go, and that’s the process we’re in. It’s really exciting”.