Jurgen Klopp on Chelsea's spending: I don't understand how it is possible

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Jurgen Klopp on Chelsea's spending: I don't understand how it is possible

By coming to Chelsea, Todd Boehly showed that he will not save money and that he is ready to invest huge money in the club. Boehly has spent £600 million since his arrival. Many believe that fair play has been violated, but for now, there is no concrete reaction from the football authorities.

Jurgen Klopp is one of those who reacted. The German expert still does not know how this is possible "I don't understand this part of the business, what can you do or not do,” said Klopp, as quoted by eurosport.com
“It is a big number.

The players they bought in are all really good players. So from that point of view congratulations. I don't understand how it is possible, but it is not my job to explain how it works."

Pep Guardiola and his reaction

However, Pep Guardiola has a different opinion.

He did not want to react to such things and is aware that the market is like that today. "What Chelsea have done is none of my business,” said the Manchester City manager.
“Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, United...

without good players you have to spend. Now the market is 'wow' What they do is not my business. What I can control is the fact we won 11 titles in the last five years being one of the five or six net spend teams in the league.

This is all I’m concerned about what we’ve done so far in this time." The latest arrival and acquisition of Chelsea is Enzo Fernandez, who arrived in London from Benfica. The transfer price is 132 million dollars, which is a huge figure.

Chelsea coach Graham Potter is happy with his arrival. "I can understand it but every transfer is a gamble. If you look at the market for midfield players – and midfield players that haven’t won the World Cup – you’ll be quoted a lot of money.

We’ve got a player with a huge personality; he played in midfield for Argentina who won the World Cup," Potter said. "He has attributes that can help him play in any league in the world. He has already played well in the Champions League and we followed him before the World Cup, we knew about him anyway. So we're confident about the personality," he concluded.

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