Sean Dyche is the new coach of Everton!

“We want to bring back a good feeling. We need the fans"

by Sead Dedovic
Sean Dyche is the new coach of Everton!

Frank Lampard did not have much success on the Everton bench, and it was clear that his career would soon end. The Everton chiefs eventually made the decision that it was time for Lampard to go. The name of the new coach was not long in coming.

Sean Dyche is officially Everton's coach and will have an interesting task until the end of the season. Dyche is an experienced coach with many successes behind him, so Everton fans can be optimistic. Sean is happy about coming to such a big club and hopes that he can help the team achieve its ambitions.

"It’s an honour to become Everton manager. My staff and I are ready and eager to help get this great club back on track," he told the club's website.
“I know about Everton’s passionate fanbase and how precious this club is to them.

We’re ready to work and ready to give them what they want. That starts with sweat on the shirt, effort and getting back to some of the basic principles of what Everton Football Club has stood for for a long time."

Sean Dyche and his plans

Dyche wants every player to give their best, and to help the club with their joint efforts.

Passion will be needed for that. Fight and motivation are what follow after that. “We want to bring back a good feeling. We need the fans, we need unity and we need everyone aligned. That starts with us as staff and players.

Our aim is to put out a team that works, that fights and wears the badge with pride. The connection with the fans can then grow very quickly because they’re so passionate. There is quality in this squad. But we have to make them shine.

That’s the job of me and my staff." We will see if Dyche can really help at this moment, given that the situation is quite bad.