Erik ten Hag denied his role in Rashford's development: I'm not Harry Potter

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Erik ten Hag denied his role in Rashford's development: I'm not Harry Potter

Manchester United is waiting for an interesting challenge: They will play a match against Reading in the round of 16 of the FA Cup. Erik ten Hag spoke at the press conference, and one of the important topics was Marcus Rashford.

Marcus has been playing in great form lately. However, Erik ten Hag believes that he did not have much influence in this "I'm not Harry Potter!" Ten Hag laughed, as quoted by "It's just confidence.

Every player has to make and get his own confidence. He (Rashford) fought for this, he invested in this. Of course with my coaching staff, we bring in structures, especially in the way of play that give him routines that he needs to get into the right position.

But finally, it's up to him, to the player, and when the player has the confidence then I'm convinced, in the way we are working - the way of play is most important but also the environment and the culture are also important - then the player can perform at his best."

Erik ten Hag on Marcus Rashford

The Dutchman is aware that Marcus Rashford is in much better shape than it was at the beginning of the season.

He needs such players in the fight on all fronts. "It's obvious that Marcus at this moment is in really good shape, really good form. I think from day to day, from training to training, from game to game, the routines are coming in.

The frontline now also gives me a positive feeling, it's getting stronger as well, and then they can take more benefit from each other. In the first (half of the) season, for instance, we had many problems in the frontline.

Often we had games where we didn't have players who were 100 per cent physically and mentally fit. Now that's much more the case and Marcus can take even more benefit from such situation"- Ten Hag continued. Erik ten Hag thought of everything.

He wanted a team that primarily has character, positive human qualities. "We made a construction of the staff where all positions are covered. You need different types in the squad from a technical approach but also from let's say a human being and personality approach.

We tried to get the right set-up in our staff and so far I'm really happy with the coaching staff I have here at Man United."