Frank Lampard said goodbye to Everton with an emotional message

"I’m disappointed that we couldn’t achieve more together"

by Sead Dedovic
Frank Lampard said goodbye to Everton with an emotional message

Frank Lampard was sacked from Everton a few days ago. Bad results could no longer be an option, and Lampard had to leave the club and finish his story at Everton. We didn't have to wait for long to see his reaction, as Lampard sent a message to Everton fans via Instagram: "Coming in to Everton last year I knew we were in a tough moment and I will always be proud of the incredible work and support from everyone involved to keep the team in the Premier League last season," he wrote.

"Thanks to everybody that played their part as the whole club came together. I will never forget the incredible night against Palace that we shared. I want to thank all Evertonians for the welcome that you gave to myself, my staff, and my family.

It truly is a special club with a huge heart, and an incredible history. I’m disappointed that we couldn’t achieve more together and wish all the players and everyone at Everton FC the very best for the future."


Garry Neville commented on such decisions.

He is worried about Everton and West Ham. These are teams with a tradition in the Premiership. "A tinge of sadness I suppose on the English managers side of things - only now three in the league currently with Frank going and Steven Gerrard going, but we always knew Saturday was a high-stakes game.

West Ham struggling like mad, big club. Everton struggling like mad, big club, and it was always Moyes or Lampard and you look at some of the mistakes that Everton make and they’re absolutely criminal mistakes." Jamie Carragher believes that Lampard has no right to be angry.

He did not achieve what was expected of him. "A decision had to be made, and I always feel with a manager, if you’ve got a similar record to the guy before who you replace - so Rafa Benitez was on a similar sort of run, one win in 12 or something like that - you can’t complain then when the club decide to make a change"

Frank Lampard