Martin Odegaard: Honestly, we don’t care about City or any other team

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Martin Odegaard: Honestly, we don’t care about City or any other team

Martin Odegaard was one of the better players in Arsenal's match against Manchester United. The Norwegian surprised everyone. Although he is a relatively young player, he is already a real leader on the field. Martin has great vision, movement, and his balls seem to have eyes.

Odegaard does not want to create the euphoria, and believes that the team should be careful before the season continues. “It’s a long season,” We’re just halfway through, there are many games to be played so we have to stay calm and humble.

Our only focus is the next game and that’s all that matters. We have to stay focused. ”- Odegaard said, as quoted by

Martin Odegaard talks about other teams

The Norwegian does not think much about other teams.

He is focused on the progress of his team, and it is necessary that they continue like this until the very end of the season. Arsenal has everything needed for the title. However, there is no need to say anything in advance and there are still 18 rounds to go.

“Honestly, we don’t care about City or any other team,” he added. “We expected them to win so that was not a big surprise. We just focused on our game. The way we beat Manchester United also gives us a special feeling that will help as well”.

His team made great progress during the previous season, and they continued at the same pace at the beginning of this season. “Last season we were improving all the time,” he continued. “The way we ended the season was a lot better than how we started it - we didn’t end it the way we wanted, with a Champions League spot.

“But we had progress during the season, we improved. This year, we have taken another step and that’s what you can see on the pitch.